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World Energy Conference

" We are capable of far more than we know". October 12th & 13th 2019,UK.

Allison Prince MA, MHFST. UK. ' Walk the Labyrinth: A Healing Journey'

Walk the Labyrinth: A Healing Journey

Take a journey into the Labyrinth; A space beyond time; Lose yourself in looping paths; Follow the touch of your feet as they step step step towards the centre; Hold a question as you travel; Open your heart to to receive; Return anew as you journey back into the world.

Labyrinths have been used for centuries as an energetic vehicle for spiritual journeying, a space for personal exploration and transformation. You learn how they differ from mazes, and experience them as a tool for meditation. and take a look into the origins and significance of this intriguing ancient symbol.

Allison invites you to take a look into the origins and significance of this intriguing ancient symbol as she shares her love of labyrinths and tells of her journey with them.

The talk will conclude with a Labyrinth Meditation. You will be lead on your own journey using a Finger Labyrinth especially created by Allison for the World Energy Conference.


Allison Prince MA, MHFST

Yoga teacher, bodyworker, artist and performer, Allison has married her love of all in her work with Labyrinths, creating large scale installations and holding transformative walking ceremonies.

Her passion is with the body, and the psyche-soma, exploring how gaining a greater awareness of our physicality allows us to gain a greater awareness of our mind. She believes our bodies are the 'diary' of our existence, and therein contain every single experience we have ever had.

Her experience is that this can manifest in the body as 'holding-patterns', areas of physical and psychological tension. The key is in accessing these 'entries' (holding patterns) to learn from them, and if necessary, release them. The path to healing on many levels.

She explores these concepts in her one to one therapeutic yoga massage sessions, group yoga work, and physical performance work.

Allison would love you to join her on Facebook where you can additionally contact her there.