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World Energy Conference

" We are capable of far more than we know". October 12th & 13th 2019,UK.

Early Bird Bonus Gifts

The following Free Bonus Gifts are available when you purchase your Early Bird Tickets here!

altJenny Cox is one of our International Guest Speakers and  has generously donated her informative and comprehensive

140 page ebook download on 'The Balance Procedure'.

This ebook is an absolute wealth of skills and knowledge that Jenny is sharing with you that she has cumulated through

her vast experience over the years using her creation The Balance Procedure.

Read more about the Balance Procedure and  Jenny Cox here.


altSue Stone is our VIP Gala Dinner Speaker on the Saturday night.

Sue has kindly donated her own 252 page inspirational book, ' Love Life, Live Life' which you can download on your

ticket purchase.

Read more about Sue Stone here.


altMarie Holliday is the Founder and Organiser of the event & a Speaker on EFT. She has donated a comprehensive ebook

on Questions to use with EFT and Questioning Techniques called 'The Heart of EFT' .

It is used in conjunction with learning basic EFT as Questioning skills are one of the most difficult parts of EFT.

Read more on Marie here.


Eileen Day Mc Kusick MA is one of our Keynote Speakers would like to offer you three free recordings from her Global Unity and Abundance series which you can listen and download. Read more about Eileen here.

NB: Please do not listen to these recordings while driving or if you are pregnant, nursing, or have cancer or electronically implanted devices. It is recommended to be well hydrated for the sessions so you can be more conductive and also suggest you take a salt bath afterwards to help ground electric charge. Please wait at least 3-5 days before listening to the next recording.  

Early Bird Bonus Gifts