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World Energy Conference

" We are capable of far more than we know". October 12th & 13th 2019,UK.

Katherine Louise Jones, UK. 'Transforming with Colour' - The Colour Mirrors System as a Tool for Mind, Body & Soul Reconnection


Katherine Louise Jones is joining the conference as a Guest Speaker with her fascinating presentation on 'The Colour Mirrors System' and “Transforming with Colour” – The Colour Mirrors System as a tool for Mind, Body & Soul Reconnection.
Katherine is a transformation and wellbeing Coach and a teacher of The Colour Mirrors System: a tool providing insights and transformation for Mind, Body and Soul. Incorporated in her work is the understanding of energy techniques that can help shift patterns and traumas that are held not only in the energetic field, but also within the body. She runs Practitioner Certification Training in The Colour Mirrors System as well as hosting workshops and has given many talks around Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.
Katherine’s understanding of the trinity of Mind, Body & Soul facilitates people to reconnect to their own source within; the power each of us holds as a part of the Whole and empowering change though awareness of understanding the framework that holds energy patterns in cycles.  

Whilst working with Colour Mirror bottles, she weaves sound and sacred geometry during sessions to facilitate shifts and guides people into seeing the bigger picture and purpose of life’s experiences.   
Katherine created a 3-step process she uses (Conscious, Creative and Cohesive) and works with Colour Mirrors bottles as well as other holistic techniques; she includes her experience as a theatre actress (performance and sound) and television producer (narrative and story) to facilitate transformation. 
Over a period spanning 18 years Katherine has trained in various holistic approaches to wellbeing, with certification in Counselling Skills at Spectrum London as well as their 2-year humanistic psychotherapy course; Self-Directed Play based on the work of Rachel Pinney and The Children’s Hours Trust; HeartMath® as a coach and trainer, EFT (1-3) as well as training in Matrix Reimprinting, and Matrix Birth Reimprinting. 
Katherine continues to explore the connection of Mind, Body & Soul with on-going professional development with courses from leading Doctors and Scientists as well as understanding the impact of the ‘second brain’ in particular gut health, with a personal interest in nutrition and food, originating from her ‘starting-out career’ in the hospitality industry.

Read more about Katherine on her website here.
Enjoy Katherine's video featured below.                                                                                                                          
Katherine would love to connect with you on Facebook: @Reconnectsourcewithin

The Colour Mirrors with Katherine Louise Jones.