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World Energy Conference

" We are capable of far more than we know". October 12th & 13th 2019,UK.

Sólrún Braga, Italy. Guest Speaker & Performer


'Soulflowsinging - A Holistic Journey through Vocal Sound'

We are delighted to announce Sólrún Braga from Italy as our Closing Ceremony Guest Speaker. Sólrún will be taking us on a holistic journey through vocal sound and finishing our conference with a 'soulflowsinging' performance. Her session is cutting edge as she believes that she is 'Bridging the Classical World of Opera with the Spiritual World'  

Sólrún realised from a very early age her calling for singing. Having her voice as her true companion was so easy going and natural that the thought of becoming a professional singer did not even cross her mind. She just stood up and sang, for people and animals alike. Playing the piano for years and feeling the love grow for classical music she decided to dive seriously into the vocal world. She crossed the ocean from Iceland, where she was born and raised, to USA and took her Masters degree in Solo singing and Vocal Pedagogy at the University in Bloomington Indiana. Before finishing her studies she followed the urges of other peoples ambition for her singing and auditioned in Europe and immediately got a job in an opera house in Germany. Her thought was, 'I might as well try it out and then go back home to Iceland.'

The first years, Sólrún realised that she was born for the stage and loved her work. She was received with open hearts, admiration and respect and enjoyed singing many wonderful opera roles. The life in the theater was great fun mingling with other singers, actors, orchestra members and ballet dancers.

However, she allowed the ambition from others to push her on and got a job as a soloist in a much bigger opera house in Hannover. In practically very short time her love for performing started to crumble. As a highly sensitive being it was hard on her energy to be surrounded with constant manipulations and back stabbing, extreme egoism and enorm ambition.

The good thing about these challenges though, were that Sólrún, with her great interest in spiritual practises, and profound intuition, began experimenting with energy. She soon discovered how much the voice mirrored her state of well being. Using the harsh environment in the Opera world to simply grow and test her energy field, while singing many beautiful opera roles in many places all over the world both challenged her greatly and enabled her to begin cultivating and strengthening her presence on stage. Her voice was a true compass and a tough boss in guiding her journey towards more light in her performing.

From here on lots of new possibilities and paths were discovered and tested. The road less traveled seemed coincidental but she was lead through one inspiration to the other. Many people had mentioned through her career that her sound was very healing for them and so she decided to explore REIKI and became a REIKI master. She also became a guide in psycho synthesis based therapy called Joyful Evolution and studied a special meditation method based on the wisdom of the Merkabah wheel. The influence of Donna Eden's Energy Medicine also became very much part of her insights in the stepping into the unknown territory for a typical classical singer.

Gradually her view on singing and the using of the voice begun to form itself as a totally new and exciting way of giving to the world. But it also required some comfort zone expansions and a lot of courage. As a classical singer, used to performing in a quite restrained format in Lieder Abende, on the Opera and Oratorio Stage she decided to take a unique opportunity when offered, to sing a cappella at an exhibition. This was the first big stepEnjoying the a cappella singing and the healing qualities in her own sound, she was inspired to experiment with sound healing in group sessions. She dove into an exciting co-creation with a Saxophone player to explore improvisation into the bridging the classical vocal world to the spiritual world.  and also made a cappella arrangements for special events that were hosted among others, by the Queen of Denmark. People loved the pure vocal sound.

The Soulflowsinging method was gradually born. Stepping out of your Ego and allowing the Soulflow to take over in a performance eliminated stage fright and perfectionism. To surrender and be of service to the higher good became an easy task. Thus in her teachings that have also become a big part of her contribution, she approaches the guidance holistically through special alignments and meditations, energy work, body, mind and spirit focus. She helps people unleash their magnificent singing power with a deep foundation of connecting to their own Soulflow and mastering a solid vocal technique.

Living presently in Italy, Sólrún travels a great deal with her work, as a Performer, Sound healer and Teacher. She is also building Online choices for singers and non-singers as in Private sessions and Group sessions. Recording CD‘s, one specially for Animal healing, a further co-creation with performing Soulflow artists for healing purposes. Performance with our without accompaniment and an Online Academy are all on her agenda and in the making.

You can read more about Sólrún on her website here and she would love you to join her on Facebook.

'Bridging the classical world of Opera with the Spiritual world.'

'When a singer becomes a true servant to the art of singing the soulflow takes over and shines through the being.'