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World Energy Conference

" We are capable of far more than we know". October 12th & 13th 2019,UK.

Tania A.Prince, UK. 'Mindful Based Inner RePatterning™'

Tania A.Prince, UK. 'Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™'

Tania A Prince, UK. Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ - A Powerful and Simple Transformational Technique
Tania A Prince is a leading innovator in the field of energy psychology. She is the creator of Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ (MBIR™) Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ is a simple, innovative transformational technique that combines mindfulness and tapping therapy into one seamless model.
Tania is an EFT Founding Master one of only twenty-nine worldwide. She runs one of the earliest established EFT training organisations in the world. She runs training courses in MBIR™ and EFT within the UK and internationally as well as regularity speaking at conferences. Tania is an author and the host of the EFT Unleashed Podcast show.
Tania has also worked with thousands of clients in her private practice. She has over twenty-six years of experience of working in the therapy field. She has also taken part in humanitarian work having done trauma relief with survivors from the tsunami in the Philippines. Tania is also an NLP and Hypnotherapy trainer as well as being trained in other therapy approaches such as counseling, Timeline Therapy, and TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique).  
Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ is a simple yet powerful technique that combines tapping therapy with mindfulness and colour work. She developed to work with complex issues within her own practice. Since then, she has trained therapists across the world to use it.
MBIR™ is an energy therapy technique that supports the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms. It has been used on many issues, including pain management, bereavement, complex trauma, confidence, and disempowering belief issues.
MBIR™ does not require that you analyse, talk about, or understand “the problem." Instead, it works via turning off the fight or flight state and accessing the repair and regeneration mode of operating of our mind and body. Because of this, it can be in many cases, a gentle technique as it does not require that people talk about or relive their trauma or problem state. When the mind and body feels safe, it redirects its resources to operating in a regenerative mode.
Colour is used in this process to facilitate positive states bypassing the critical mind. MBIR™ is a heart-based approach that creates coherence. It is also a solution focused approach as it uses the power of intention to direct the mind as to what it wants to happen during the session.
Tania’s presentation: Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ - A Powerful and Simple Transformational Technique
You will learn:
The importance of the heart in healing
How you can switch the fight or flight response off and activate the repair and regeneration state
The importance of creating a state of safety
You will learn about the “Safe Zone” and how to access it 
The importance of breathing
How to tune into “the problem” using mindfulness
How to use colour to promote positive feeling states
Why understanding a problem is not necessary to stop it impacting you
Tania can be contacted through her website where you can find out more about her training courses here.
You can also contact Tania through her social media sites: 
Instagram: @TaniaAPrince 
Twitter: @TaniaAPrince