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World Energy Conference

' The Sky is not the Limit, the Mind is.' October 9th & 10th 2021, UK

International Keynote & Guest Speakers 2021


Welcome to the World Energy Conference 2021

The mission of  the World Energy Conference for 2021 is to educate by raising awareness of the using, supporting and sharing of many different energy techniques to help ourselves and others by uniting and connecting and coming together as One.We embrace the medical world and holistic world in this unification. The Conference comes from a place of Love and the true essence of loving energy from all who speak here.

As Albert Einstein discovered all those years ago in the 1920´s, everything is made of energy. As a worldwide community, we can raise the vibrational energy for all beings on our planet and contribute through this Conference to the wellbeing of all.This worldwide community is represented over the two days by International experts in their own right covering many different modalities, energy psychology, a variety of therapies, research, spiritual subjects and energy techniques to enable us to partake in the knowledge and wisdom that it is possible to help ourselves because' The Sky is Not the Limit, the Mind is...' 

Our International experts will share their knowledge and skills over the two days and enable us all to understand that the Mind is without limits and that the choice for our own Health is within ourselves.

Meet your speakers here:

Founder, Organiser & Speaker:

Keynote Speakers:

VIP Gala Dinner Speaker:

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Guest Speakers:

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You will enjoy the following benefits from the presentations & Speakers:

  • Discover the leading ´cutting edge ´ techniques.
  • Have the latest information on these techniques available to you.
  • Enjoy interactive presentations with practical demonstrations.
  • Introductions to techniques or modalities that may interest you.
  • Relax and mingle informally with all the speakers throughout the 2 days and VIP Gala night.

Who will benefit from this event? 

  • Anyone with an interest in energy techniques and how they work.
  • Practitioners, health care workers, professionals.
  • Anyone interested in self - help tools or using as an adjunct to their existing therapy, or general interest.
  • CPD Worthy -Continuous Professional Development worth 12 hours for 2 days, 6 hours for 1 day-request certificate here

Interested in Energy Techniques for Animals?

Join us at the Animal Energy World Conference May 13th, 14th & 15th 2021 at Manchester, now in its seventh year! 

NB: We always stress the use of a Medical Doctor at all times-all of our Guest Speakers recommend the use of a Doctor as your primary source and consider the techniques complement our Doctors' skilled and professional advice and treatment.

If you have any questions relating to the conference then please use the Contact Form here.
Additionally, if you want to ask any of our Guest Speakers about their particular area of expertise, their contact details are found on their dedicated page.