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World Energy Conference

'Live Online including Recordings' October 14th, 15th & 16th 2022

Dr. Ana-Maria Oliva, Spain


"The Dance of the Electrons: Bridging Western and Holistic Medicine"

We are honoured to announce that the eminent Dr.Ana-Maria Oliva from Spain, is taking time to join us from her busy speaking engagements worldwide.

Dr. Ana - Maria Oliva has a PhD in Biomedicine, a Master in Biomedical Engineering (Extraordinary Award University of Barcelona) and a Industrial Engineering degree. She held research at the Nanobioengineering Lab in the Institute for Biomedical Engineering of Catalonia, and her PhD thesis was "the effect of electric field on cells".

She is devoted to explain an electromagnetic point of view about health, lecturing all over the world in different Conferences.

Dr. Ana-Maria's passion for human beings and their wellbeing can be perceived in each word in her lectures.

Additionally, she has been an elite therapist, working with the most exclusive people all over the world, helping literally thousands to recover their health. 


Dr. Ana -Maria Oliva's lecture is entitled "The Dance of the Electrons: Bridging Western and Holistic Medicine"

Dr. Ana-Maria shares in her lecture, that we are used to thinking of Medicine from a biochemical point of view.

During the lecture we will explore and discover how an electromagnetic point of view about health can build a bridge between the conventional medicine and the holistic energy medicine, building a real Medicine for the XXI Century.

Matter, energy, in.formation, coherence, frequencies, light... are now words to also talk about your health and how to optimize it.

Read more about Dr. Ana-Maria on her website here. (Spanish)

Dr. Ana-Maria has her own You Tube Channel videos here.

You are welcome to connect with Dr. Ana-Maria on her Facebook page here.

Dr. Ana - Maria is an author with several books to her claim and due around October to be in English. More here.

Dr. Ana-Maria Oliva Lecture at the European Conference in Integrative Medicine, Barcelona September 2019 -

In English