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World Energy Conference



The World Energy Conference is an event that Marie Holliday has wanted to showcase for sometime and this seemed the right time for a multitude of reasons! Marie is the Founder, Organiser & Host of the conference.

Energy work is a passion and interest of Maries' since over 18 years ago when Marie had a brain haemorrhage and recovered using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) herself, in a couple of days.

It seemed like a miracle then and even now seems like jaw dropping stuff; she believes that ' everything is possible' and ' we are capable of more than we know'.

Following this brain injury and then virtually full recovery, she then went on to study, practice and teach EFT professionally with EFT International Association (formerly AAMET International where she was Director of Training & on the Executive Board) where she is an EFT Master Trainer of Trainers worldwide.

Marie organised and founded the sister Conference, Animal Energy World Conference which is now in its tenth year in 2023 and growing in popular demand internationally and which takes place every May.

She found through this event and her Facebook communities that many people are desperately looking for a technique, a therapy to not only help their animals with but often to help themsleves. They are unaware of what is available or they simply need to be shown different ideas to help them decide. This World Energy event gives exactly that to many people who would like to move forward in life or develop professionally in a new area. On the other hand, there are many professional Practitioners and Students who have nowhere to meet with like - minded people or share their own passion and develop their skills more and this event offers that. It is for the mildly curious, the energy fanatics, the passionate and even the doubters and non - believers. Our International Speakers are sharing their skills and expertise to broaden horizons, enlighten and nurture by offering experiences and knowledge to the experienced and the uninitiated.

Through joining together and sharing, our mission is to offer health choices to all and integrate holistic with mainstream medicine.

Everyone is welcome to join the World Energy Conference whatever their own individual reason.

For more information on Speakers, the program, updates etc please join us on Facebook through the link below.

Read more about Marie here.