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World Energy Conference

'Live Online including Recordings' October 14th, 15th & 16th 2022

Dorte Bredgard, Denmark.'The Secret Language of Teeth'.

We are delighted to welcome Dorte Bredgard from Denmark as a Guest Speaker to the conference.

Dorte's dad was a dentist and he gave her the love for teeth and she was therefore trained as a dentist in 1985.

In the beginning, Dorte loved her job. She loved talking to patients and  fixing their dental diseases. But in fact, it wasn't that long before she started to wonder that the reality was not quite what she had learned at the School of Dentistry. People got cavities in illogical places, ie. not necessarily the hardest places to brush. Some only had cavities in the upper or lower mouth. Others only in the right or left side and Dorte even saw a single decayed tooth while the neighboring teeth were completely healthy.She also found that someone who did not eat sweet things could get lots of decay, while others with high sugar consumption went completely free.

And then Dorte got two new cavities herself 10 years later. How could that happen when she had not changed toothbrushing habits or started eating more sugar? At that moment, she knew she had to find new rules that could explain what reality showed her and it became a journey into a whole new universe - a universe that she loves to share with others.To be honest, Dorte admitted that she made a lot of money as a dentist, but it stopped making sense just to treat the symptoms. She loved focusing on causes, because when we know the 'why', we can make wiser choices and thereby keep our teeth healthy.

Today, she know that a tooth that 'talks' is a very good opportunity to upgrade yourself. Diseases are opportunities for growth and not a punishment for eating too much candy or being lazy with flossing.

Dorte believes that when teeth cause problems, it is an expression of unhealthy behavior. With unhealthy, she does not mean poor oral hygiene or high sugar consumption, as is the common opinion. When, on the other hand, we begin to see body, mind and spirit as a unit, we discover that it is not bacteria that 'attacks' us, but ourselves, that make it all happen. Both the 'good' and the 'bad'. We discover that our teeth are a mirror image of the inner state and reflect our communication.Dorte calls herself a 'Specialist in Dental Health'  which feels much more genuine to her, than being a dentist.

Dorte's presentation is entitled ' The Secret Language of Teeth' .

“For too long we have blamed bacteria and sugar for our dental diseases. When we begin to understand that teeth are actually intelligent and that they send us messages and wise advice then we can take back our power. Teeth lead us to understand what changes we will benefit from making and which area of life that is not working the optimal way. In this lecture I will teach you how to understand and treasure your teeth.”

Dorte has an online course that she would like you to take a look at here.

Dorte has kindly gifted her 'Teeth Chart ' in our Ticket holders Bonus Gifts.

Dorte invites you to visit her website here. Her own personal Facebook page is here and her 'Teeth dont Lie' Facebook page here.