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World Energy Conference

'Live Online including Recordings' October 14th, 15th & 16th 2022

Dr Rosy Daniel BSc. MBBCh, UK. 'The Mind-Body Healing Approach in Integrative Cancer Medicine'

The conference has been aiming to secure Dr Rosy Daniel BSc, MBBCh from Bath, UK for many years now and coax her away from her extremely busy schedule to share her work with us-and 2022 is the year! Thank you for making time to speak with us Dr Daniel.

Dr Rosy Daniel is a holistic doctor, teacher and author specialising in regenerative healthcare and empowered self-help.

From 1990-2000 she was doctor then Medical Director of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre (now Penny Brohn Cancer Care). She has authored seven books on cancer and its prevention and she runs Health Creation, teaching motivational holistic health coaching and consultancy for individuals and in the workplace.

Dr Daniel runs the Health and Wellbeing Trust charity through which she created a health e - learning platform for healthcare professionals to continue their lifelong learning journey.  In her practice Rosy guides those with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, overweight, arthritis and stress-related illness into positive health programmes. Her healthcare approach combines sensitive, compassionate warmth in her own style of highly personalised holistic medicine.

Dr Daniel will be speaking with us on 'The Mind-Body Healing Approach in Integrative Cancer Medicine - The Profound Multi-Level Benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques'.
Overview of Talk – Dr Daniel has applied the Mind-Body model of health and wellbeing throughout her 35-year practice as an Integrative Medicine Consultant. She has been called a ‘Physician of the Soul’ as her approach spans from the ‘here and now’ suffering of those in her care, to the deeper impact of trauma and childhood experience; family constellations; karmic, ancestral and past life influences.
At the heart of her work is support for the evolution of the soul of her clients; the conscious learning of life lessons; and onward progression with soul contracts. 

Ultimately, the goal is healing, whether that be into living or dying, in the awareness of eternal life and of the ever present infinite loving Divine support that is accessible to us all.

Dr Daniel will describe these levels of her approach and explain with her EFT Practitioner and Regenerative Healer colleague, Rowena Beaumont, who is an EFT Master Trainer of Trainers and Guest Speaker with us, how Emotional Freedom Techniques have catalysed profound transformative healing shifts for body, mind and soul of their mutual clients.

On a personal note, Marie believes that Dr Rosy Daniel & Rowena Beaumont reflect the ultimate goal that many people desire nowadays of that coming together of knowledge and aspirations on both sides offering the integrative approach.

Please take time to view Dr Daniel's video below and she invites you to view her websites for a fuller flavour of her work and she is contactable by email here.      

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Dr Rosy Daniel BSC MBBCh. UK discussing EFT.

Dr Rosy Daniel BSC MBBCh. UK.

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