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World Energy Conference

'Live Online including Recordings' October 14th, 15th & 16th 2022

George Leoniak, US. ' Eyes Wide Open: Sacred Geometry's Transformational Potential Towards Wholeness '

The conference is delighted to welcome George Leoniak from the US.

George Leoniak's work with sacred geometry aims at evoking memories of wholeness with sacred art.  His work with geometric patterns focuses on uniting science, art and spirituality.  He is a passionate and patient teacher and loves to inspire others to awaken their creativity with sacred geometry.  He offers apprenticeships through his website:, and shares his insights and discoveries at his Knew Geometry Youtube channel.

George will take you into his world of Sacred Geometry with his Guest Presentation of:-

'Eyes Wide Open: Sacred Geometry's Transformational Potential Towards Wholeness.' 
The beautiful patterns of Sacred Geometry often evoke a deep feeling of wholeness that resonates with an intuitive understanding that "It's all connected".   Within those geometric designs there is a rich pattern language of meaning awaiting to be discovered.  It is so incredible that volumes of information related to the "building blocks" of creation are contained within drawings that are simply overpaying circles and lines, yet it is often so easy to miss what is hidden in plain sight. 

In this presentation, George will be your guide in aiding you to deepen your understanding to the sacred geometric pattern language referred to as the Language of Light.  Through numerous slides depicting vibrationally uplifting and inspiring imagery, coupled with an educational unveiling of the universal structures that contained within, this is sure to be an eye opening experience as we peer deep into the structure of the patterns touching upon the infinite.   

There is so much transformational potential in connecting to sacred geometry that those that are in the energy healing professions may find great value in learning more about how sacred geometry opens a doorway to a greater sense of well-being and connection which can aid so many on their journey through life.

George has kindly gifted the following pdf to help all ticket holders on your way in the Speakers Bonus Gifts:- 'Getting Started in Sacred Geometry Gift'

George would love to invite you to his website here and other media links below: