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World Energy Conference

'Live Online including Recordings' October 14th, 15th & 16th 2022

Gregg Braden, Portugal. 'Didgeridoo Sound Bath' (Fri) and Closing Ceremony (Sun)

The conference is delighted to announce a truly inspirational Guest Speaker, Gregg Chapman from Portugal.

Australian born Gregg Chapman is a Didgeridoo sound therapist, musician, coach and an energetic based healer.    

His passion is with the ancient Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo that came into his life in 2006 and for the last for 16 years has used it to help people to reach a state of deep relaxation and as a therapeutic healing tool.   

He has worked extensively with special needs schools, autism, hospitals, physiotherapists, massage therapists, yoga studios, retreats and helps clients from all around the world. 

After his wife passed away in 2019, he delved much deeper into how the didgeridoo helped himself with processing and transmuting the grief, loss and depression that followed. 

This has now become his focus to help other people to come to terms with and to work through the process of grief and loss.   All of our emotions are energy and all of our illnesses are due to an energy imbalance of emotions that we struggle to transmute.   Gregg helps people to discover how their traumas and illnesses are inextricably linked and to provide tools on how to shift these frequencies to attract positive outcomes.  

Friday: Gregg will be presenting in a slightly different way- as a sound therapist and a holistic coach with a unique twist as you experience a 'Didgeridoo Sound Bath'.  He loves the Aboriginal Didgeridoo from his home land, Australia.  Gregg will explain the importance of the Songlines, art, storytelling and how to sing ourselves up.The Aboriginal people of Australia knew how to connect to the land, the dreaming and could heal through frequency, song and by playing the Didgeridoo. 

You can then feel this connection and set your intentions with a sound bath where Gregg will play several different didgeridoos.   This will help to reset your energy and get your frequency in alignment with what it is that you want to attract more of in your life.

For more information, private and group sessions and to sign up for the Didgeridoings Newsletter, please visit Gregg's website here or email for more information here:-

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You can meet Gregg and one of his special collection of Didgeridoos in the short video below :


CLOSING CEREMONY-Please see our Closing Ceremony here with Gregg Chapman & Marie Holliday.