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World Energy Conference

'Live Online including Recordings' October 14th, 15th & 16th 2022

Jacqui Crooks, UK


'Healing the Ancestors'

The conference is delighted to announce that Jacqui Crooks is joining us as a Guest Speaker from the UK.

Jacqui Crooks is one of the pioneers in Energy Psychology,  finding EFT IN 1999, her life's not been the same since!

She is an International speaker and trainer, an EFT Founding Master and is one of the authors of EFT and Beyond.

Her background in NLP and Hypnosis helped her to create her unique way of working with EFT (Emotional

Freedom  Techniques) which allows deep level change quickly and easily without trauma. 

She loves pushing the boundaries of EFT to see just what can be achieved.

She works with clients via skype and runs retreats worldwide. 

Jacqui specializes in helping people to change limiting beliefs and old family and ancestral patterns that create self sabotage. 

Jacqui will be speaking on 'Healing the Ancestors' including a live demonstration.


 'Healing the Ancestors'

 We are living the survival strategies of generations of our families. All the beliefs that they created to stay safe then are with us now.

They are passed down genetically, energetically and emotionally.

This means that you can find yourself repeating old patterns that aren’t yours and struggling to create the life that you want, to be your authentic self.

When you clear the "stuff" that isn't yours it's so much easier to make changes in your life, quickly and safely.

In this interactive session, you’ll be able to give new information to your subconscious, release the “stuff” you’re carrying that was your ancestors and thank

them for their part in your life, freeing you and them from old contracts that no longer work for you.

More about Jacqui on her website here.

Jacqui welcomes you to join her on social media at Instagram and Facebook. 

Additionally Jacqui has a variety of short videos that are helpful with EFT techniques on You Tube.


Jacqui Crooks with EFT - 'Clearing genetic damage from previous generations'