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World Energy Conference

'Live Onlinìe including Recordings' October 14th, 15th & 16th 2022

Michael Overlie, US. 'Who is Healing Who?'

Michael Overlie is an inspirational Guest Speaker that we are delighted to announce from the US.

Michael is a Tenchi - Flow Healer, Canine-Partnered Men’s Coach, Author, Podcaster and lifelong dog fanatic. He has had a gift of connecting with animals since he was a small child. Dogs have been with him most of his life, giving him gifts and teaching him lessons. His greatest breakthrough was after the death of his brother. While grieving this loss, he was fully awakened to his own potential and the gifts our animals bring to our lives. His dog Darby, as it turns out, was an energy healer. Now he helps other men awaken to the gifts available to them from their dogs. He has dedicated himself to assisting men and their dogs discover their path to living a life of love, purpose, and being extraordinary.

His book 'Let Your Dog Lead' is an invitation. It allows a gentle glimpse into the things that men are afraid to look at or let anyone else know about them. Unless something has happened to create awareness that radical change may be necessary, most trudge along through their days and lives.

As a contributing Author to The Change: Insights into Self-Empowerment Vol. 17, Michael presents another way of looking at what we know, or think we know. He challenges our accumulation of knowledge by sharing valuable pieces of his own experiences and how he came to the awareness of “I Don’t Know Shit.” Coming from this place allows a continual beginner mindset, bringing curiosity to the forefront.

He has trained in multiple Energy Healing modalities including Healing Touch for Animals, Reiki and Qi Gong, and has studied many others. One day, while giving a distance session for a Reiki Master friend, he tapped into something different- something pure. Michael had tears streaming down his face and was giggling like a child. He was able to tap into the energy of this woman as a small child, riding a horse bare-back, arms flung wide and pure joy streaming from her. This natural state of joy, childlike wonder and freedom, is available to anyone who is willing to put in the work. There are no magical cures but there are tools to help us get back to this place.

Understanding the fact that we are our own greatest hindrance to healing is monumental. Making a small shift in our beliefs and perception can take a ripple and create a tsunami. This is where the dogs come in. They already have access to a side of ourselves that we have difficulty showing others because of our programming. Michael has helped men ranging from a Gelato manufacturer to a Special Forces Operator. His two core values drive his work- Compassion and Courage.

Michael's presentation is  entitled: 'Who is Healing Who?'

Who is Healing Who encompasses Dogs and the Energy of Love.

Dogs are More Than Just a Bond and Michael will look at the following:-

  1. Primary Relationships
  1. Instant Family
  2. Instant Trust
  1. Total Acceptance
  1. A Dog Doesn’t Care (about your money or success).
  2. A Dog Doesn’t Judge
  1. Unconditional Love
  1. Expectations, the Rules of Life.
  2. Giving it all.

The Healing Power of  Dog.

  1. Awareness
  1. Waking Up
  2. Noticing
  1. Presence
  1. Being Here
  2. Holding Space
  1. Healing
  1. Darby the Energy Healer
  2. Tenchi and the Energy of Love

​Michael invites you to visit him on his podcasts & links here and email for further information below:-