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World Energy Conference


International Keynote & Guest Speakers 2022


BUY 23 hours RECORDINGS HERE! Includes Speaker Bonus Gifts & CPD Certificate!

Here are all the Keynote & Guest Speakers RECORDINGS included at the live event online for only £89.00! Over 23 hours of viewing and study across 17 Videos and CPD worthy. Additionally includes Speakers Bonus Gifts & CPD Certificate!

These are the Speakers and topics you will view on your Recordings:-

Founder, Organiser & Speaker:

Marie Holliday, Spain. 

Keynote Speakers:​

Dr.Thornton Streeter, USA. 'Choose it, Claim it, Own it'.
Dr. Willem Lammers, MSc,DPsych,TSTA. Switzerland. 'Restoring the Flow of Frozen Energy: Logosynthesis and the Resolution of Trauma and Fear'
Dr. Bradley Nelson, USA. 'Healing with The Body Code &  The Emotion Code''

Guest Speakers:

Sue Southern, UK. 'Your Energy in Balance' 
Cindy Engel PhD, BSc. UK . ' Somatic Empathy
Jacqui Crooks, UK. ' Healing the Ancestors' 
Dr. Ana-Maria Oliva, PhD Biomedicine. Spain. ' The Dance of the Electrons: Bridging Western & Holistic Medicine'
Veda Austin, New Zealand. 'The Secret Intelligence of Water' 
Dorte Bredgaard, Denmark. 'The Secret Language of Teeth'
George Leonika, US. 'Eyes Wide Open: Sacred Geometry's Transformational Potential Towards Wholeness' 
Dr Rosy Daniel,BSc MBBCh UK. .'The Mind-Body Healing Approach in Integrative Cancer Medicine'
Rowena Beaumont, UK. ' Emotional Freedom Light Techniques' 
Gregg Chapman, Portugal. 'Didgeridoo Sound Bath'
Michael Overlie, US. 'Who is Healing Who?'
Thad Cheatham, US. ' Iridology and what does it mean to me?'
Dr Hélène Svinos BEng, MSc, MBChB, UK. 'How Essential Oils can Support your Physical Health'.
​ Closing Ceremony: the 'Union of Spirit'

Marie Holliday & Gregg Chapman will close the event with a 'Union of Spirit' Blessing.

Chosen Charity for 2022:

The Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust' ( UK Registered Charity)