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World Energy Conference

'Live Online including Recordings' October 14th, 15th & 16th 2022

Sue Southern, Kinesiologist, Dip. ASK. UK.


'Your Energy in Balance'.

Sue Southern, Kinesiologist, Dip. ASK. UK.

We are delighted to announce that Sue Southern, Kinesiologist, Dip. ASK is joining us as Guest Speaker at the conference. Sue is a qualified member of the Kinesiology Association (previously known as the Association of Systematic Kinesiology.)

Sue is an accomplished and advanced natural health practitioner who helps others to resolve complex health problems.  As a result of her work, clients have seen the considerable difference made when gently clearing fears, negative beliefs and emotions from their energy.  Her clients also report feeling lighter and more able to cope with life issues, and in many cases symptoms can completely disappear. Sue uses her knowledge of advanced kinesiology techniques together with guidance from intuition to bring permanent changes to the energy of mind, body, spirit and soul.

Sue’s private practice is at home in Oxfordshire; as well as private sessions she is a kinesiology tutor, leads highly effective online group therapy sessions and has recorded on-demand webinars to introduce other energy topics of connecting with Astral Guides, Lifting your Spirits (disruptive entities) and the Fields of Time which is about the relevance of past lives and ancestry as a Practitioner working with clients.  Sue delights in helping others to achieve the best version of themselves.

Sue's Presentation and Live demonstration: 'Your Energy in Balance'

"You are amazing! Your energy knows where and what help it needs to strengthen and rebalance you."

In her presentation Sue will show and tell you how she does that with Kinesiology.  

Sue is referring to energy as our life-force:

  • It is the thing that powers us
  • It is the thing that organises and activates the body
  • It is the thing that triggers life from the first point of conception 
  • It is the thing that never dies as it is everlasting
  • It is the thing that Kinesiologists work with to enable beneficial fine-tuning.

To balance energy in this context means that it has neither lack nor excess – it is a centred state from which to live life to the optimum. When out of balance, our energy can become disordered which requires it to make numerous compensations. 

Left unattended, compensations escalate and tend to create further imbalances which in turn create symptoms; these can range from skin complaints, back or joint pain, twinges, anxiety, being unable to achieve goals in life, to more serious conditions.  By considering the structural, biochemical, emotional and electrical aspects of any problem, we can bring a state of balanced relief.  The energy of the person always knows what is out of balance and what is needed to resolve its issues; it will reveal it in priority order through muscle-response testing.

Kinesiologists work with the central nervous system’s natural motor response of the to a sensory challenge. By doing this, imbalances can be identified and methods to rebalance the body can be indicated. This holistic therapy is known for being a highly effective, direct, non-invasive and side-effect-free form of healing.

Muscle-response testing is an advanced and proven method of communicating with the energy systems of mind and body to detect the areas that would benefit from being brought into a state of balance. 

In a live demonstration, Sue will show and explain how muscle response testing is used in practice.  You will see how the priority actions are determined and what is required to bring improvement in the state of balance. She will also show the power of your thoughts and the direct effect they have on your body.

The aim of Sue’s presentation and demonstration, together with the information on this page, is to extend your existing knowledge about energy and how kinesiology can strengthen it.  As energy specialists and enthusiasts, we have a vast array of methods that we can use to detect and balance, but without feedback from the energy, how would we know which one is right to use in any given circumstance?  

Muscle response testing allows the person’s energy to identify what will help it most at any given time within the session - beautifully, gently and naturally. 

Please read more about Sue and her work on her website here.

Sue is on social media and would welcome you joining her on Facebook and Linkedin.

Please take time to view these 2 short videos below which are issued by the Kinesiology Association and who have included Sue Southern's practice details in the final credits.

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